HUMO       ♦Andres , was born, lives and works in Zaragoza, Spain.       ♦Several design colleges, different courses, workshops (years) confection & web design 2004-2014.       ♦CAP / degree in fine arts 1999-2004.

AWARDS & GRANTS ♦2015: First prize young fashion competition Tenerife MODA   ♦2014: Finalist in young designers Tenerife MODA  ♦2012: Finalist in Art&Fashion Competition 2012 Bilbao BILBOOST12 .       ♦2010: Finalist in Art&Fashion Competition 2010 Bilbao BILBOOST10 .        ♦2009: Modamuda09 IAJ.       ♦2007: Injuve competition       ♦2007: Artist 30 years XXI Art Competition "Isabel de Aragón Reina de Portugal".        ♦2006: Second prize Dmoda Competition , Kaptaarte team Madrid       ♦2006: First prize Young Artist competition Juventud Aragón.        ♦2005: DGASscholarship.        ♦2002 Erasmus Scholarship.     

WORKS & COLABORATIONS  ♦2014/15: Patterns maker in pröko brand  ♦2014: Wardrobe department, movie "LA NOVIA" Paula Ortiz. Studio "GET IN THE PICTURES ". Technical Operator as tailor. ♦2014: styling HR concept Harkaitz Barreros  ♦2014: Costume design,(Starkytch) ♦2013: Costume design,(Cello + Laptop), Sónar13 ♦2012: Costume design,(Artistas del Gremio) ♦2012/15: Teacher " fashionable projects " in Zaragoza (  ♦2012: Opera "Il trovatore" audience Zaragoza        ♦2011: Fashion show "Quarantine" in the first edition Dosde Market Madrid       ♦2011: Opera "The Magic Flute" audience Zaragoza        ♦2010/12: Department of wardrobe for Productions LOBOMEDIA(        ♦2010: Uniforms design, PLATA club       ♦2010: Costume design, grupo SHOW CASABLANCA        ♦2008/15: Different works for CALLEJEATRO        ♦2009: It confers on art and mode. School of art royal Ciudad Real        ♦2009: Tailoring for CIRQUE DU SOLEIL      ♦2009: Pattern design for company Nússli        ♦2008: Teacher of printing       ♦2007: Circle events oasis theatre club       ♦2006: Modalena project       ♦2006: At the frontier second assault Nomadskateboard       ♦2005: Modalena project        ♦2005: Work aquisition fine art university        ♦2004/15: Pattern design, styling and confection for Humo brand        ♦2004: HUMO is registered        ♦2002: Light projection at BBAA Madrid ♦2000: Modern art festival "Situaciones"        ♦1997/12: Several exhibitions